The Native Hawaiian Symposium on Climate Change is being led by the Center for Island Climate Adaptation and Policy (ICAP), with funding support from The Kresge Foundation, USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, and the Gladys Brandt Chair in Polynesian Studies.  ICAP facilitates a sustainable, climate-conscious future for Hawai‘i, the Pacific, and global island communities.  The Center provides innovative, interdisciplinary research and real-world solutions to island decision makers in the public and private sectors.  As a focal point for the University of Hawai`i climate policy expertise, ICAP serves as a two-way conduit between the University and island communities to catalyze climate change adaptation and resiliency.

The goals of ICAP’s Native Hawaiian Symposium on Climate Change are:

  • To increase knowledge among Native Hawaiian leaders about climate change policy such that all participants are better equipped to engage in policy development and take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the physical effects of climate changes, and apply traditional knowledge at a policy level.
  • To educate ICAP about the needs of the community and help set the direction of our work for the Native Hawaiian community moving forward.
  • To create an action plan relating to Climate Change in possible areas like research, policy needs, capacity building, communication/public awareness, etc…

The symposium is designed to bring together Native Hawaiian leaders and climate change resource specialists who have an interest in learning about climate change policy, as well as opportunities that Native Hawaiians have to engage in climate change policy and action at the local, national, and international levels.

This event is by invitation only.